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Double IPA by White Birch Brewing Co.

Have you ever noticed that you might have made a hasty choice in the market grabbing some brew that looks appealing cause of packaging, cost point or shelf height. But when you get down to drinking it, you are less than amazed. And on top of that, you might have actually thought more about the

Luponic Distortion IPA Revolution #009 by Firestone-Walker

When we look forward to an annual release of some product or series we enjoy, we can become fixated on this release date; so much so that we get excited. Well, for a number of years now, Firestone Walker Brewing Company has created a series of very interesting combinations of rare or exotic hops placed

Coffee Stout by Concord Craft Brewing

  Continuing along with our month-long journey of Stout beers month, we look at another awesome beer that provides so much flavor and enjoyment from our local providers within the state that is is not to be overlooked. The providers of this beer are making major headways into being among the best brewers in the

Salted Caramel Stout by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

We are approaching that time of year again where more is better; flavor and bigness that is. With colder months upon us, our winter coat needs to be built up. A few extra pounds just may help in staying warmer this winter. And, with holidays fast approaching, desserts will abound. So, with our focus beer

Space Dust IPA by Elysian Brewing Company

When we look up into the clear night sky, we could ponder many things. How many stars? How many galaxies? Is there life on other planets? What is floating around up there? Well to the last question, we know that there is a lot of debris, large and small, floating through the abyss. Some would

Manta Ray DIPA from Ballast Point Brewing Co.

Across the country, the craft beer industry is alive and doing VERY well. More and more, craft-brewed beer (less than 15,000 barrels/yr in production per facility) have made big inroads into “macro” beer sales with names such as Miller-Coors and Budweiser. With less than 20% sales of the entire craft industry selling against the macro

Space Cake Double IPA By Clown Shoes Beer

If you ask any child (at least the level-headed ones), they will tell you they are very afraid of clowns, especially under their bed. Where the heck any of this concept stems from is well beyond my comprehension. But sometimes clowns can bring us fun and laughter. Been to a circus in your life? I

S’muttonator by Smuttynose Brewing Co.

When you think of New Hampshire brewers, what companies come to mind? Well of course, we have a Bud plant in Merrimack and Sam Adams is everywhere. And there are now over 60 breweries of all sizes around the state. But one of the more popular beers you’ll find on the shelves or in restaurants

Mole Framinghammer by Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

Just two hours south from the Lakes Region, you will find yourself driving through an area known to outsiders as ‘Woostah’ (apparently the pronunciation given by locals) and nearby towns of the Rt 9 corridor. One of these towns is Framingham and within its city limits resides a quietly remarkable brewery called Jack’s Abby. In

Beers Of The Week: Switchback Ale and Porter

The great state of Vermont is mainly known by most people for its cheddar cheese and other dairy products, its maple syrup, the Green Mountains, Cabot Creamery or Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. But if you are a connoisseur of great beer, this may be one of your focus states for their awesome breweries. At

Road 2 Ruin by Two Roads Brewing

Each day we wake up, get up, make a decision on what to wear, make a decision on what to eat and make a decision on what our day will hold for us. It is much the same with our entire life of decisions. Which way will we go? Our friends at Two Roads Brewing

Wicked Dark Imperial Stout from Baxter brewing

When you think you are finally done with winter, yet another snow storm hits and reminds you that New England is that place where it isn’t over until the stout lady sings. So with that in mind, we look at another stout offering from our friends up at Baxter Brewing Company in Lewiston, Maine. Baxter

Double Black IPA from 603 brewery

Recently, this column gave you two related articles on ‘Attack of the DIPA’s’ or Double IPA’s which spoke of that beer style as well as the magnitude of DIPA beers flooding the market each week. It is hard to keep track of them all but when one catches your attention, you tend to keep it

Single Speed IPL from Moat Mountain Brewing Co.

Usually by this time in the winter months of New Hampshire, you are either loving the snow (skiing, snowmobiling, xc skiing, etc) or you are VERY ready for spring! I must admit, I could be talked into a month-long trip south to haven from our season this year. But if you are a true Hampshirite,

90 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head Brewing

The word ‘Imperial’ brings to mind a combination of royalty and more than enough. Imperial is reserved for the best of something. Other forms of the word imply princely orientation or supremacy. In the beer world, it implies ‘bigness’ as in this is a big beer or ‘look out, this is a strong beer’. But