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Attack Of The DIPAs – Part 1

Two of anything is usually more fun than one… I remember as a kid that in the summer, you could order a two-headed ice cream cone with two of your favorite flavors. How much better can it get? Or the constant TV ads selling a product that you probably don’t want, then they say; “…but

Dorado Double IPA from Ballast Point Brewing

As we step foot into 2017, many of us will commit to making life better for each other by trying to eat more healthily, exercise more often, spend more time with family and friends, be more kind, or try things that you might not have tried before. It is this last category which we focus

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout from Oskar Blues Brewery

How is your winter coat coming along? Confused? Recently I noted that during the hearty winter months in New Hampshire, we tend to put on a few extra ounces (or pounds) that I look at as insulation or otherwise known as your winter coat. With this in mind, we venture down the fuller side of

Imperial Stout by Moat Mountain Brewing

Winter is a delightful time of year in New Hampshire… minus the snow shoveling, biting cold, slippery roads and bad driving conditions, and of course, catching a cold. But besides these items, it is really nice to be in New Hampshire’s longest season of the year. With so many fun things to pursue during these

Rebel RAW Double IPA by Boston beer company

Now that we have opened up the ‘flood gates’ of beers available to talk about within the New Hampshire borders, this column will probably never run out of great beer! Even though I am partial to and proud of NH-brewed beers, I like the diversity that exists every time you decide to go look for

Call It A Day Double IPA by Moat Mountain Brewing Co

Don’t you just love surprises? Like when you forget it’s your birthday and someone important in your life says ‘Happy Birthday dear.’ Or when you are getting up to start your day and your sweetie brings you a cup of coffee, unrequested. These things help make your life just a little better. And so it

Toasted Pumpkin Ale by 603 Brewery

As promised last week, we look at another great pumpkin flavored beer which embodies the spirit of what fall is about. The cooling temperature, the changing colors of foliage, and the time when we look at different changes that effect our lives and the food and beverage choices we make during those times. One cannot

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Taking from the initiative began last week, October’s Brew Review is devoted to pumpkin-style beers which are typically a fall seasonal. Because of the very short season compared to summer ales and the like, pumpkin beer needs to be sought after at a rapid pace, and unfortunately, by the time you are reading this, some

Autumn Ale Brew Woodstock Brewery

    As we ever so slowly slip back toward fall weather, beer imbibers start to change their choices in brews styles at restaurants and taverns. When temps start to drift to cooler zones, we think like the wild beasts of long ago preparing for a long cold winter. We tend to eat more hearty

Blond Melon by Rockingham Brewing Co

We should live by a simple set of rules… Try to be nice to each other, help out when you can, keep opinions that could start an argument to yourself, eat good food and drink good beer. About the last one; I try to make it a practice not to drink strange brews like cucumber

Great Rhythm Brewing’s Expansion

New Hampshire’s brewing industry is alive and well. Evidence of this is seen almost every day in one way or another. Whether it is a new brewer opening their doors for the first time or an existing brewery growing because of their success, craft brewing is carving a growing segment of the business of beer.

Full Clip IPA by Stoneface brewing Co.

Presenting this week’s review, I was perplexed by the term ‘Clip’ and its variety of uses and meanings. Clipper ships were fast moving boats, ‘moving along at a fast clip’ while a ‘clip joint’ referred to a business that might overcharge you. And then there is the misuse of the term clip for the proper

The Smuttynose Brewing Company

Have you ever wondered how something is made? Like how a car is assembled and the process from beginning to end. Well, you can visit an auto assembly plant and watch it happen. The same can be said of brewing beer. Visiting a brewery and learning how different ingredients are used to produce different styles

Really Old Brown Dog Smuttynose Brewing Co

    There are times when you happen to find something that has been improved upon nicely. Usually, the changes made are based on the original item but the improvements are in aesthetics of look, feel, color, texture or performance. The same can be said about beers that take an existing offering and amps it