Pro-Choice – For Education

by Ken Gorrell This is tough for a curmudgeon like me to admit, but I got misty-eyed last week. I tried to remain dry-eyed and dispassionate – they weren’t talking about my kids, after all – but as I listened to parents tell of their struggles and sacrifices as they worked to find the right

Great Snow At Loon Mountain!

Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire, is one of the easiest resorts to get to anytime since it is only 2.5 miles up the Kancamagus Highway from I-93’s famous exit 32. The short drive through downtown Lincoln past all kinds of snowsport shops, stores and eateries is a temptation for me to stop but

Something Stinks

Last year I wrote on how I would no longer spend my valuable time trying to come up with new ideas for New Hampshire lottery tickets. After having some success in the 1990s by giving them the idea for the now legendary “Pot Holes and Frost Heaves” ticket, I continued to wrack my brain for

Getting It Right

Two New Hampshire State Representatives and one State Senator have sponsored a bill that could significantly affect the future of our state. The impact of what this bill could mean if passed would be felt from here on through eternity. It is that important and I feel that it must not be taken lightly and